Thursday, June 5, 2008

petrol price revised..malaysian suffered

While waiting for my food during lunch, I just write something just to fill my time. After this I’m going to have meetings with engineers regarding my project. Hmmm its going to be tough discussion…I’m still waiting for my drawings from my draughtsman’s from Singapore and he promises me to email it by now.

I just read Malaysian newspaper and quite disappointed with Malaysian economy which become worst day by day. All the high ranking people would not feel the effect of the petrol price which is getting high and high. I hope that some of the politician or maybe pro government in Malaysia would do something just to prevent worst scenario that would happen in future.

I’ve ordered Nasi lemak from Citimoon, one of the Asian restaurants in Dubai that cost me AED 15. Quite cheap compare to the other food prices here. At the end of today, we would have the bowling tournament among our colleagues.

It’s a annual event of the months. I do hope that it would be a fun game and a happy gathering. After that, I had booked movie for midnight The chronicles of Narnia- Prince Caspian after the bowling, anywayI’ll upload the bowling tournament photo on my next episode. for now on…to be continued.

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