Sunday, June 8, 2008

I'm sick....

Yesterday I’m not feeling well. I’ve got fever, went back around afternoon and reach home around 2 pm. When I reach my house, the apartment management is doing the repairing upon several comments that we highlighted to their offices. I watch movie, TROY while waiting for the people doing the hacking and painting here and there.

View in front of DIVA saloon....

After that, around 5.30 pm, I went to DIVA to do wash and blow and then I’m having dinner with Ali at Noodle Bowls. I’m ate Mee Goreng and Ali had Kuew Tiaw. Then I pack chicken porridge for myself for supper…I ate it while watching another movie, The Phantom Of the Opera. I slept around 11 pm..alone because my roommate went back to Malaysia.

View in front of Noodle Bowl

Interior of Noodle bowl Restaurant

I start my day with walking to the Emirates bank around 7.45 from my house….it’s very hot…I walked around 30 minute and reach the bank around 8.15. Yesterday, someone from the bank called me and urges me to take the ATM card and if not, they would demolish it. I’m quite shock because no one from the stupid bank called me before and instruct me to take the card…huh…now..i've an account with Emirates bank, i hope that i can save my money...he he

I’m not feeling well since yesterday, from the bank I straight go to the Belhoul hospital for checking and taking some medicine.

Belhoul Hospital at Al Diyafah road

I arrived there around 8.45 and quickly register. And then the Filipinos nurse take my measurement, height :176 and weight:80…hmm I’ve got lots of fat already….then suddenly the stupid nurse tell that I’m going to come again around 5.30pm to get my consultation because here, we have to set the appointment first before you see the doctor….it means, if you want to die…you better die than waiting so long to get your medical consultation.

I'm having Nasi Ayam (Chicken Rice-AED 13)...from Kak Julia..previously working with CITIMOON Cafe.

I go back to my office settle some of my work then I go back home. Taking half day with MC today….i’m sick

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