Monday, June 16, 2008

Getting mad

It was seriously a bad day for me....full of stress and i'm still stress and being crazy while writing this blog. please forget about photo because I don't have time to snap ad upload it here.

I started my day with explaning to the CAD person who take charge on my project, then I made a phone call to a few place..singapore and site office...called them and asking about my drawings...It's really tiring to urge peoples.

I've been crazy when I got a coordinator that know how to talk and not doing work...I'm screaming to him when he came to the wrong time and the wrong place...please...I can't handle my work stress anymore...the job is getting tougher and tougher and no one would care if i'm die...but do anyone care before...i'm dreaming..

I just continue my work and try to slove the design, I don't have trust to anybody to share my problems and tought. my mind is getting tight and the room is getting small....I went home around 11.30 pm.

When I reach home, I just been sound by the Diva of the house when my kitten make our house in full mess. Another stone had been thrown to my head...I just wish that I just drop and die...Slowly with passion I just clean up the mess and ignored everything...

Please..again I'm stabbing my heart by calling the person that I should attach anymore... I just can take my mind over him, keep doing things that at the end just hurt my's very difficult to forget him....can Someone just suggest me any suitable poison that i can drink and die friend of course...already tired to help or advising me..

I can't find the cures and my heart bleeding worst and worst.....
Ya Allah,...just take my life...
I'm giving up..

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