Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday in Dubai

I arrived Abu Dhabi airport at 12.30 pm, after get everything done, my luggages and so on…I took a taxi from the airport to my house in Dubai..It cost me AED 300 for the journey….I arrived my house at 2.00 am on the Thursday morning..

After put down and rearrange all my stuff, I just continue to sleep…my friend was not feeling well and I just stay to take care of him…I woke up around 10.00 am in the morning, had my breakfast and feed my kittens. I just clean up their mess and then play with them…They were like forgotten about who am I and they just be unfriendly to me….

I went back to my room and opening my emails and blog..It was not a good day for me and I’m not in the good moods. There were something hurting my feeling and I’m keeping it to myself….My friends coming back from the office and asked me to go out for dinner and movie….

Obviously I’m still not in the good mood and I just feel like being everywhere in the world was not a suitable place for me…My friend Harris Zamzairie pay for my dinner at Chili’s and then we continue to watch movie..Eagle Eye……..It was quite entertaining….but deep in my heart I’m still sad with all the things happened to me….

I went back home and sleep around 12.05 am….

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Kakak Tiri said...

What happened Mie?

I hope you're OK now :)