Saturday, October 18, 2008

A day trip to Golok...Thailand

It was a Saturday morning where I don't know what to do...really...lastly, my friend ask me to follow him to the border of Malaysia and Thailand, Golok town. It took only 30 minutes drive from my house to the border. I park my car near the Custom complex and walk to the Malaysian check point.

I reached Rantau Panjang check point around 2.30 pm. After get the verification and so on....we walked to Sungai Golok check point..the entrance for southern Thailand.

me at Sungai Golok bridge

After walking about 4 minutes, we arrived at Thailand check point and we have to filled in the form to get in to Thailand....I'm lazy to write anything so I just pay at the writer RM 2 just to write and fill the form. Lots of kelantanese came to Golok every day and night.

a worker filling forms...RM 2 per person
After get the certification and so on, we then took a ride to the city center of Golok. There's lot of motor taxi waiting for the passenger at the check point..
my friend with motor taxi..RM 3 per ride
When we arrived at the destination, we just walked and done our photo shoot and window shopping....I just followed my friend done his hair treatment because the cost here is cheaper than did it in Malaysia....that was according to my friend.... I just walking around the shop while waiting for him...
Golok town..this is the place where all the bomb been thrown in town
After he done his treatment, then we went to fulfill my desire...I came here because to eat all the Thai food which I do think was the best ever that can fulfill my taste...we went to the restaurant that I usually go when I come to Golok...its located at the central park of Golok town.
I just ordered everything that was appear in my minds....Siakap, squids, crabs, beef, tom yam and so on...and this were what did I you think that I'm greed? ha ha
chicken serai

chili's crab

Siakap sweet and sour, tomyam, kerang bakar, crabs and many more
We had our dinner for 2 hour and without realizing that it was dark already...after pay for our food which just RM 110 for 7 dishes and main course....we grab the motor taxi again and took us to the check point....along the way, we stop at the fruits shop and I bought fruits for my father.
Along the way, we saw lots of Thai army manage and guarding Golok area....they bring the bomb sensor and survey everywhere...It was known that lately Golok area famous with bomber and lots of people had been victims and lost their journey was save...
Thai army still guarding the southern area of Thailand

After checking out from the Imigration in Sungai Golok, I went to the carpark where I park my car and drive back home...I reached home around 10 pm...after giving fruits to my father, I had my bath and went to sleep...I was enjoying eating today....don't know when I'll come back and eat it again.....
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