Monday, October 27, 2008

Mysterious Moody Monday

There’s nothing special that I want to elaborate for today’s event in my life…..I wake up around 7.00 am, had my bath and get dressed…at 8.00 am I drove to my office and reached 20 minutes later..

I continued done my work on my residential project….Umi came to me and just had some chit chat with her…missed her badly..but I do think maybe she had found what did she want and I’m happy for her..Umi bring me some fried rice and I ate it as my breakfast..she’s very talented in cooking everything…slowly my pain cured by the existence of few best friends….

I’m doing the area calculation based on the latest design and get rest during my lunch time…I didn’t had anything and just resting my brain and relaxing my body….I’m listening to my current favorite songs….Matahariku by Agnes Monica and Ayat ayat cinta by rossa…deeply I feel its entertain me…

After Lunch, my Design Director called me and we had some discussion….as what had been predicted by me….everything was true…I have to bring back the spirit and lighten up my names back…I went out from his room and get back to my working place to continue my work…..

Reen had mention to me and invited to had dinner with him because Kak Sabira Saffian had made us some Pulut Kuning…..It was my favourite food actually and I did not have the opportunity to eat it when I went back to Malaysia last week…but I just let Reen ate it with our other friends…I just being as what I am, emailed some friends and went home when the time off….

I don’t feel like eating dinner because I’m still not in the fresh condition..I just cook curry maggi and then watching BOURNE series DVD…..I falls asleep after updating my blog…..I just being confused and done a lot of thinking….sometimes I just want to bring out my brain, wash it for a while and put it back…To live as what I am now is not easy and I don’t really know until where I can go along the route..

Until next post….


mother of two said...

takziah atas kehilangan bonda tercinta.....maaf akak baru buka blog.

Kakak Tiri said...

Lahai... nak pulut kunin :'(