Wednesday, October 15, 2008

From Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands

I'm starting my journey from Tanah Merah Kelantan around 9.15 pm and arrived Johor Bahru station at 9.45 pm the next was a tiring journey for me and I just get vomitted for almost 4 times on the train....huh....I would not take a train anymore for the long journey...

Tanah Merah KTM Kelantan
After arrived at Johor Bahru, I just took a taxi and went to Kak Nora house in Kg old rental house...I just grabs all my old things and packed on my 2.00 pm on the same day, I went to Larkin and took a bus to Kuala Lumpur.....crazy took another 4 hours to reached Kuala Lumpur..
photo of me with kak Nora....
I'm arriving Kuala Lumpur at 7.00 pm at night, and my friends picked me up at Hentian Puduraya...after that, he just bring me back to his house at Bukit Antarabangsa...He just bought a new house and he just want to show his house to me...a beautiful penthouse which had been renovated creatively by himself....
After dinner at his house, I just get to the room and sleep...It was totally a tiring journey for me...the next day...I woke up around 7.20 am, had my bath and get dressed...after that done some photoshoot at his house..he don't want me to put his house photo because it was not fully renovated's was a very beautiful house..
me with Kuala Lumpur city as background......the photo not too clear

one of the best view of my friend house interior

view of Kuala Lumpur city from my friend house in Bukit Antarabangsa..
I just followed my friend to his office because I'm planning to do some window shopping and photography shoot around Kuala Lumpur area...We reached Bukit Bintang area quite we decide to had our breakfast first...I just pampering my friends and bring them to J W Marriot Kuala Lumpur....and had our buffet breakfast there....not quite expensive....around RM 63 for 3 people...he he...
me at J W Marriot restaurant
me at J W Marriot
After breakfast with my friends, we just went across to Pavillion to do some window shopping and start comparing the price in Kl to Dubai....he he..
me infront of Pavillion
We went out from the Pavillion around 10.30 and just walking along the Bukit Bintang area...I just walk until I stop at a massage center that can be found at Plaza Bukit Bintang area...I'm just pampering myself and done the body massage for 1 hour..after that, I'm continue done the reflexology massage for another half an hour...crazy..
massage at Jalan Bukit Bintang

After done some window shopping at Bukit Bintang area, I went to my next destination, Hentian Puduraya....I going to Cameron Highlands to meet my Papa and Mama (my adopted family)...seems like 2 years already I didn't meet this time, I've decided to go and meet them again...
Hentian Puduraya

me at Puduraya bus station....waiting for the bus
The bus depart from Puduraya around 1.00 pm, it took about 4 hours journey to the destination....when I arrived at Tanah Rata, mama picked me up at the bus stand and bring me back to the house...after had my bath and get dress, we went out to Brinchang to get our late lunch because I didn't eat anything yet...
me and Zakuan at his house

me at Papa Khairani strawberry farm

Mama Shamsiah and Zakuan after our dinner

I had tom yam and plain rice, after our dinner, we went to opah house located just around the corner to meet the rest of the family...since Hari Raya mood was still there and we just finished all the Kuih Raya that they still have...he he..
Around 8.00 pm after Maghrib, Papa was came back from Ipoh.....and after Isyak, all of us went out again to Mak Ngah restaurant in Tanah Rata to get our dinner...It was raining heavily but we still manage to go to the restaurant..
I just had chicken chop and Papa and Zakuan just had fried rice.....mama didn't ate anything....may be she's on diet....After we done our dinner, around 10.00 pm, we just went back home....Zakuan just sleep early because he got another PMR examination paper, and I just watched CSI until I was falls asleep......It was cold when it was raining outside...
until next post..

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