Saturday, October 4, 2008

end of the trip....

I woke up early around 7.00 am in the morning..I was not satisfied taken a photo with the Pompidou center last night...I went again in the morning to had a different view...

in front of the Pompidou center..

more photo of me with the Pompidou building

After snap a few photos at the Pompidou center, we had our breakfast before we went to the airport...I just had a tuna sandwich with orange juice...It was the end of my trip this time and don't know when is the next trip..

I had tuna sandwich with orange juice

After done our packing and checked out...the taxi driver which we called earlier pick us up and bring us to the Charles De Gaulle international airport....this is where we took a flight back to Dubai....

view of Charles De Gaulle Terminal 2 International airport

photo of me inside the Airport

more view of the airport...

my flight to Dubai with Emirates airlines

After flying for more than 7 hours, I reached Dubai airport at 12.10 am and straightly went to the immigration and take my luggage....after that..I went out to get my taxi...but obviously..I'm dying to queue..

thousands of people was waiting for taxi at arrival Dubai airport

I got my taxi after waiting for 1 hour and went back home...I reached home around 3.00 am and get to sleep..tomorrow I would start working..and I don't know what would happen later...

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tunfrida said... lawatan sambil bekerja ke atau berseronok menghabiskan cuti raya, Mi?