Monday, October 13, 2008

Shopping Batu Nesan with my father

I've promised my father to company him to find Batu nesan for my mother grave...I woke up early in the morning and without had my bath, I went to the nearby town, Machang to find groceries and then buying the Batu Nesan.

I just pass my secondary school which located nearby the town center..It reminds me all the sweet memories during my schooling days...

Sek Men Kebangsaan Hamzah

Machang wet market.....previously we bought our raw food here

After bought some fish and vegetables, we went to Tabung haji because my father want to register his Haj application...may be this is his 5th times went to Makkah to performed his Umrah....don't know this time what his going to do...either umrah or Haj...
After settle down everything, we then moved to the next destination where to find the Batu Nesan for my mother...we went to the shop along the way back from machang to our house..
nesan maker in kg Kemuning

writing all the details to be put at the signage

negotiating with the seller

After listening to her explanation, we lastly decided to take the above Batu Nesan and box. It just cost me RM 400 including the payment for the worker to put down at the graveyard. Around 10.30 am, we went back home and I just continue sleeping while my father just monitoring people repairing our roof which leaking upon the heavy rain....before..

After spending 2 hours make a round my village, at 6.40 pm, I just went back to my house...had my bath and prepared to my new journey tonight...I will be travelling by train from Tanah Merah kelantan to Johor Bahru, Johor....I'm going there to pick up my things that I left in my old house during the time I'm working in Singapore...I'm taking 9.00 pm train from Kelantan and would arrived Johor at 9.00 am in the morning...for sure it would be a tiring journey.....
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