Thursday, October 2, 2008

The journey continued.....from Oxford to Brest

I woke up early in the morning, had my bath and then took a taxi to Oxford town....after saying goodbye to Shahrul Yani family and friends, we continue our journey to our next destination...Brest town in visit Ali's brother who worked as Navy Submariner....

We reached the Oxford bus station at 6.00 am, after waiting for half an hour, we rode the bus to Luton airport which took 2 hours......

me at Oxford bus station

We arrived luton airport around 9.00 am. I straightly went to toilet and vomit...don't know what happened to me, but obviously it was because I drank lots of hot chocolate before we took the bus....

at Luton Airport

from Luton to Brest

the cheapest flight in Air Asia

view of the airport


Brest new airport

When I reached at the Immigration, they were checking on my immitation Louis Vuitton luggage...they were comparing with my oroginal Louis vuitton hand bqg and compared the differences....they were very detail and eager to look at the branded items whether it was original or not....huh...scary

Ali's brother wait for us at the airport and bring us back to put all our luggage..after that, he bring us to get sight seeing and tour the Brest city...

Ali Noor and his brother Amin

Amin, Ali Noor brother's house in Brest...France

We went to the shopping mall in Brest town to do our window shopping and also sight seeing...

me in front of the shopping mall in Brest

Ali Noor and his brother

After done our window shopping, we then get a rest at one of the cafe and had our coffee and

me at the cafe at Brest town

we had our tea time at one of the cafe

TGV train station in Brest town

Moulin blanc the Northern Atlantic sea

After done with our sight seeing, we then proceed to our next destination, carrefour..Amin want to buy some mineral water and other soft drinks for his small Hari Raya gathering at his house tonight...The carrefour here in Brest is just similar with the other carrefour in the world...the only different is they didn't provide plastic bag to put all of our groceries....weird right....he he

Carrefour in Brest town..

Aza...Amin housemate...preparing the Nasi impit and kuah kacang

I ate rendang tok, nasi impit and rendang ayam

with some of the invited guest

After all the guest went back home, we just had chit chatting and then I'm updating my blog as usual.. It was a tiring day for me.....but overall it was exciting and memorable journey...Thanks to Ali's brother, Amin for giving us such hospitality..we would pay it back when you come to Dubai in Future....

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rhymee suhaili said...

Wah! Aza the nasi himpit... :P

they ols checked thoroughly ker LV u yo!!!

DeLL PuTiT said...

aiyooooo!!!! I very the miss miri so much, esp when it comes to hari raya...uhuk uhuk...miss d environment, which is totally opposite to KL's raya celebration...neway, slamat hari yaya to u suhai n ur family lah umah ku...

DeLL PuTiT said...

ohye mie, how's UK? seronok kannnn...glad to c dat u really enjoy it..balik kl, mai lah singgah shah alam..slamat hr raye, maaf zahir batin to u...

Kakak Tiri said...

Seronok I baca apdate cuti-cuti raya you :)