Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cameron Highlands to Kuala Lumpur and back to Kelantan

It was like I've been unconcious sleeping for the whole night...Papa woke me up at 8.00 am and asked me to joined him for breakfast...I quickly had my bath and then get dressed..around 8.30 am, we went to brinchang and had our breakfast...I had Nasi lemak and Papa had Nasi kerabu..

Mama was working today and she was busy preparing her office open house that will be held at the end of the day..

me and Papa Khairani

after breakfast, we went to strawberry farm...another photo of me with strawberry

infront of Papa house at Cameron Highlands

Papa house in Kg Taman Sedia...Cameron Highlands
Papa sent me to the bus station at Tanah Rata because my next bus to Kuala Lumpur was at 11.00 am...after shacking hands and everything, I get into the bus and went back to Kuala Lumpur....along the way, I'm enjoying the scenery that I've never look for the long time...sometimes, I just feels like I'm a tourist who visiting my own country...feels like Malaysia was no longer my hometown.....what a pity...huh
I arriving Kuala Lumpur at 3.00 pm, after went to meet my friend and took my bags that I left in his car, again I went to Bukit Bintang area and done my window shopping...around 6.00 pm, I went to KL Sentral to meet my friends and then check in my luggages...I'm flying back to Kota Bharu with Malaysia Airlines...I'm tired for travelling long hours so I've decided fly back to Kelantan...
My flight schedule at 10.30 at KLIA, I spent 2 hours with my friends at KL Sentral....I'm meeting my old unimates from IIUM, Sri Wahyuni, my adopted sister Zakiah (Ija) and Harris Zamzairie wife and daughter... we meet at Secret recipe and had our dinner there....
me with Sri Wahyuni who is 8 months pregnant

Sri Wahyuni in white, Mila and Putri....Ija in grey and me...

Mila, Harris wife and Putri, their beloved daughter
me and Harris zamzairie daughter...Putri

After had dinner with my friends, I sent them to LRT station at KL Sentral and then pick up my bags. I then went to check in my luggages at the boarding counter at KL Sentral. After done everything, I just bought the KLCAT train to KLIA that took only 28 minutes to reach the destination....
me inside the KLCAT from KL Sentral to KLIA

After went to the boarding area, suddenly I meet my old friends which I know her since I'm working in Singapore before, Datin Ina..wife of Dato' Khir Johari...who also want to fly back to Kelantan..he he..what a coinsidence...we just had a little chit chat and then we just split

me and Kak Ina, wife of Dato Khir Johari...
I arrived Kota Bharu around 11.30 pm, get a taxi and went back home to my house...cost me RM 75 for it fare....huh...after updating my blogs, I just had a drink and sleep...It was a tiring journey for me....but its worth it....I do miss all my family and friends in Malaysia...but I do really miss people in Dubai too..
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shaFienaz said...

aku mcm kenal je si mila tu... mmbr skolah aku la. 1 kelas lg.. what a small world!

Iza said...

mimi...which dato khir johari u mean?