Monday, October 6, 2008

working as usual...Cityscape Dubai 2008

I was been tagged by Normi exunimate from UIA..but it was not so dangerous..he he..she just want to see my personal collection of perfumes which I'm rarely shared with other...just because all my perfumes are for ladies...ha ha ha...obviously...I would get flew if I wear men's do hope you satisfied...

Normi Amilia

Gucci rush, Davidoff cool water, Paul Smith flower, Princess Verawang, Alexander Mcqueen, Lolita Lempicka, Love Mochinos, Britney spears, Escada, Elizabeth Arden, CK summer, CK in 2 u, CK euphoria, Incanto Salvatore Ferragamo, Flower by Marc jacobs, Deseo JLo, Aqua

I start my day by went to the office around 8.50 am, replying emails and so on...then suddenly after done all my works, we went to Dubai Convention centre near the Dubai Trade center for Cityscape Dubai which started today until 9th of October 2008.....

I drove my car to the destination and it was almost 1 hour to find a parking...lastlt I just park my car beside the road....and we walked to the destination for almost 15 arrived..I snap photos..

me in front of the Zabeel Convention Hall

Adrinfahd and Hadi

We went to our booth inside the convenmtion be truth..Its almost more than 400 exhibitor at the hall displaying their current and future project...and as for Meydan..we were proud to exhibit the tower designed by Kamil.....Meydan Gateway....Kamil was in Malaysia now for Hari Raya vacation...the sad thing was..His father passed away on the second Hari Raya...May Allah bless him and put him in heaven...Al fatihah...

Meydan Gateway tower...designed by Adzmith Kamil

Meydan Development

While walking here and there, I saw a variety and styles of presentation to attract customers and of the way was as the photo below.

one of the developer model representing her brand

new hotel at Mekah al Mukarramah

At 2.30 pm, I feel so hungry...I went to find a restaurant but can't find the cheap one...lastly I bought a set of coke with squid spagetti and mineral water that cost me AED 45...huh

a cafe inside the Convention center

my expensive lunch

After lunch..I just get my desert by walking to each booth and get a free chocolate...he he an I...what ever...

who doesn't attract to this chocolates??

I felt too tired and want to back to my office. I went out around 3.00 pm and went to my car...Unfortunately I got a problems...I can't start my car....I was panic and don't know what to do...I'm losing my voice and people can't hear what did I say..It was horrible...I called my friend to helped and I'm also asked towing car to take my car to the workshop...I was under the sun for almost 1 hour and half waiting for help...thirsty and speechless....

When the towing car came...he help me bu pushing my car on the top of the truck...I tried once again to start the engine...suddenly the miracle happened and I can start my car....unfortunately..I have to pay AED 150 either my car is ok or not...huh..what a pity...I just assume that as another Zakat that should I paid...huh

towing car and my car

I went back to my office and do my work...I'm headache but still can maintain..At 7.30 pm, I went back home with mamat and hadie and we had our dinner at Singapore Deli in Karama...

Singapore Deli restaurant

I had Nasi lemak with bihun sup...cost me AED 45

Mamat and Hadie

Shaharudin and me

After done our dinner, I just sent them home and I went to my house...had some chit chatting with Bro Bokhari...showing him my new Louis Vuitton bag that I bought from Paris and then went to sleep...huh..It was a stressful day for me....

I'm thinking of someone that I he still remember me or not....I missed him so much...I do hope that I can see him again....

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tunfrida said...


thanx ya Mi, sudi pamer koleksi parfume ko. memang kelles ko, Mi...tu seme untuk aku tu sebenarnya! hahaha kalo ko tak moh lagi botol2nya, simpan untuk aku ya!

sampaikan salam kat bro hadie. si mamat tu macam ku kenal, tapi kot ye ke idak orang yg aku kenal.

coklat yang ko tayang tu menyelerekan sungguh laaa...

rhymee suhaili said...

Lolita Lempicka...memories.... :)