Friday, October 17, 2008

I've been tagged...100 facts about Fahimi Shariff

I was been tagged by my friend Imelda Maya Haris and actually I don't know what to write about me...anyway I just try my best...

100. I'm still single

99. my height is 180 cm.

98. my weight is 79 kg.

97. I love travelling.

96. I'm lonely.

95. I have 2 cats, Bidi (male) and Combi (female)

94. I'm working in Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE

93. I'm living in Al-Diyafah, Dubai, UAE

92. I'm a Design Architect

91. I'm from Machang, Kelantan, Malaysia

90. I like to sing.

89. I like to eat everything.

88. But I don't like vegetables.

87. I missed my mother

86. One of my favourite food is Nasi Lemak

85. I do wish that someone will come and love me

84. I don't know where is my place for retirement yet

83. I like to live and work in Dubai at the moment

82. I respect my boss

81. I respect my talented friends

80. I hate back stabbers

79. I just coloured my hair

78. Accidently I just cut my hair

77. I like to buy but now don't know where to keep

76. My housemate hates my cats.

75. I got a white car in Dubai, Hyundai Santa Fe

74. My father is living alone in Kelantan

73. I love secret Recipe cakes

72. I like architecture and travelling books

71. I didn't sleep in my house

70. My bed is filled by my teddy bears

69. I got 20 perfumes

68. I don't know who was my real friend

67. But I try to be a good friend

66. I hate waiting.

65. My neighbour in the office always bullied me

64. Since staying in Dubai...I like to eat Kuih Tepung pelita

63. I don't know how to recite Al-Quran

62. But I'm learning it now from somebody

61. I do think that I'm fat

60. I'm lazy to exercise

59. I like to eat Asam pedas

58. I know how to fishing now

57. I'm always go fishing at Dubai Creek on Thursday night

56. I don't know how to Shisha

55. Apple Bees is one of my favourite restaurant

54. Dubai Festival City is my favourite shopping mall

53. I don't like people organizing my life

52. I don't forgive people

51. I don't be friend with people who always backstabbing me

50. Someone had borrowed money from me.....and I hope he's return in time

49. I don't involved in Politics

48. I try to satisfied everybody

47. But one is difficult to satisfied me

46. I'm saving my money to buy a house

45. But I don't know where is the location

44. I don't like to live in the city during my retirement

43. I like to ask my friends opinion before decide anything

42. I'm almost have everything but not Love

41. I miss to see the sunset in Phuket

40. I love thai foods in thailand

39. I'm crying when I'm sad

38. People always broke my heart

37. I'm senstive

36. I miss to eat at Hartamas square

35. I like to go to Cameron Highlands

34. I wish to go to Venice with my lover

35. One day, I will go to Makkah

34. I hope that I'll be a better muslim

33. I'm afraid of being married

32. I don't like kids

31. I hate people who not be thankful for what they have

30. I hate liars

29. But I got lots of friends who always lie to me

28. I hate to be alone

27. I like Siti Nurhaliza and Noraniza Idris

26. I also like Mas Idayu and Amelina

25. I do like Too Phat

24. My favourite movies is Harry Porter series

23. My favourite TV series is CSI

22. and I also like HEROES

21. I hope that I can maintain my body size

20. I wish that I'm always be surrounded by good people

19. I don't want to meet my enemy

18. I have been betray by my best friend

17. and I hate him in all my life...

16. I'm quite sellfish

15. I like to sleep

14. I hate shaving my beard everyday

13. I don't like to woke up early in the morning

12. I like to eat Laksa Penang

11. I want to build a house in the rubber plantation

10. I'm always think negative

09. I'm happy with my life now

08. I wish that he will love me forever

07. My favourite song now is Ayat Ayat Cinta by Rossa

06. My favourite kuih raya is Tart Nenas

05. I just bought 20 Kek Lapis Sarawak from Eim

04. I always bring extra luggage to Dubai....contains foods

03. I like to listen to traditional music

02. I'm not rich yet

01. I'm 29 years old

I do hope that Imelda is satisfied. But now I want to tagged other people so that he can describe them clearly to me on what their secrets and stand.

Mem Aluyah Kuih Lapis
Aishah Dalila awek hadie
Nurul Aini Ramli...kawanku yg jual baju baby
Aidid arabicax

please describe your 100 facts to all readers...

Until next post


eiM Harris said...

heheh its satisfied me dear mimi :)
will tag more soon! just wait n see.

p.s cant hardly wait to see u soon!

Ms.D said...

hoyeh!!...first assignment....biler dateline? hehehe...100 facts huwaahhh banyakkknyerrrr...huhuhu..okay2 will try to do worries!

J H Hidayat said...


Fahimi still remember me? Lama tak ketemukan.. tau2 u dah kat Dubai. Saja nak TAG u... jemput2 ke Blog I. K.

tunfrida said...

patut la pun eim kata dia dah kaya jual kek lapis....engkau je sorang borong smpai doploh! ko dapat free sebenarnya, mi?