Tuesday, July 22, 2008

what a tuesday.....

I woke up early again…around 6.30 am in the morning. Feed my kitten and open my laptop and read emails. Around 7.45 I had my bath and prepared to go works. I went to my office with my car lift Leizl, which also worked with me in the same firm.

I start my day with done the confirmation on the layout plans where I need to emails to the other consultants to do the changes on their scope. We are proving two options for our clients and based on their selection, the design would be proceed to the next stage.

On Thursday, there’s a meeting with the chairman and we had to prepare the presentation for him. I’m doing the coloring for the floor plans and also preparing the slide power point presentation. It’s take me 1 hour to complete each plans because I had to colour it according to the real materials.

I just enjoy coloring and didn’t realized that it was lunch time already. While I’m doing my work before, Saidatul and me replying emails and decide where we were having our lunch later…so at last, we went to Hakawati and we had seafood spaghetti with Pepsi..while waiting for our foods, we just grab a few magazines and read it. I just read on the car magazines…just look around first..before decide anything’s…who know that I might buy a car later..he he..just dreaming….after 25 minutes, our food served…. the food was too much, we can’t finished it and we packed it so that we can eat it back after.

Quite shock when Victor, the Interior project leader had been moved to my department.. XEDL, he had been transfer because he would be leading all the new project in XEDL where before this he just concentrate with Meydan Grandstand only…welcome aboard.

I just continue my work until 6.15 pm. I went back home with my car lift Narayan..i reached my home around 7.10 pm, feed my kitten and had my bath…then as usual I went to DIVA to get my hair wash and blow…after that, I went back home, cook prawn fried rice with vegetables, had my dinner and sleep….

It just a normal day for me and nothing interesting happens. Thanks to everybody who loved me most and always pray for my happiness….may Allah bless all of you always…

until next post…

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