Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dumb Etisalat or Dumber Mashreq

I'm starting my day quite early. I wake up from my friend house around 6.30 am where he had to catch his bus around 7.00 am. I go to the bus stop and take a taxi. It's easy to get taxi around 6.45 am because there's not so many people queuing and it's still early in the morning even though the sun bright was almost same condition with 10.00 am time in Malaysia.

I went back home and play with my kitten, get my bath and prepared myself to go to office. I take Leizl as my car lift to the office and reach around 8.25 am. I don't have mood to take breakfast, sms a few friends and got called from Muz...asked on what's the result on my IQ test yesterday....I'm quite pissed off with someone that didn't pick up my call and reply my's like i want to find him and throw his mobile..huh..

When i reach my office, almost 60 percent of my draughtsman's stay back to complete the drawings for Kamil and Hadie because they have to present their project today...when I'm looking at their faces...they were really2 exhausted....

I was really mad with etisalat and mashreq when they had make my life miserable. I had top up my etisalat mobile credit with Mashreqbank online for AED 300. The amount had been deducted from my account but it was not credited to my mobile. I was being emotional and giving harsh words to both of them. I had now to print out the statement from the bank and fax to Etisalat as a prove that I've make the payments and they had to put my credit.....huh...bloody hell.

I just then continued my work. Nothing much happen today in my working life here, I started doing calculation of built up area for my building plans submission and without realizing anything..It's lunch time already. As usual, Khalbi had ordered my lunch where he himself had joined Yani group. They cooked themselves for lunch meal...I had lunch with Farah in my workspace and we had Nasi Lemak with egg and chicken.

After lunch, I change doing my work with selecting the interior stuff for my project which obviously it was only part of my work. It should be done by Interior department...not me...I called my friends from interior to help me finding such suppliers and she did give me some of the contact. Thanks Chee yee...then I called suppliers and set up appointment with them.

It's almost 6.00 pm already. I want to go back early today and the first destination would be Shindaga fish market in Deira where I've promised to Bro Yani to sponsor buying crabs and prawn.....he he..I was in hurry where I've called my car lift, Narayan to pick up me and bring me to that market. Yunus was very naughty when he hide my wallet somewhere because he don't wanna let me go off early..Fortunately I manage to find it..Wait for my revenge Yunus..ha ha ha..the time will come...

At 6.05 pm, Narayan take me to the market and we reach there around 6.35 pm..It was quite a quick shopping where I just go to the crabs and prawns stall and buy it...

Shindaga Market...fruits zone..

I buy this crab for AED 15 per kilo

and this prawn is AED 20 per kilo
this prawns is about AED 50 per kilo

and this lobster is AED 80 per nos

I buy 4 kilos of crabs and 2 kilos of prawns....hope Brother Yani satisfied with the quantity. After 15 minutes, I get back in the car and Narayan sent me to my house. I sent the crabs and prawns to Brother Yani's house and I went back to my house to change.

I was shocked when my naughty kitten had broke down the with vase and our plant trees was drop and all the living in the mess..surely the Diva of the house would extreamly scream at me after..I quickly clean up the mess and throw out the rubbish.

I went out again to Deira City Center where my friends had wait for me there.....Narayan waited for me for almost 15 minutes and manage to sent me to DCC. I reach DCC around 8.00 pm. my friends were inside carrefour and I just queuing to buy the tickets.

snap photo while queuing for .....

We watch movies, Handcock which started around 9.45 pm. Before the movies, Brother Halim did some shopping and we went for dinner at DCC foodcourt.

Passing the very dangerous area...ha ha ha

As usual, I had my favourite Mr Vanellis spagetti and shared with my friend. I'm also buy a big piece of pizza and we shared together.

Most wanted stall in DCC foodcourt...

People had to queue for pasta..

I had seafood spagetti and pizza for dinner...

After dinner, We watch our movie and went back home around 12.00 pm.. It's hard to get taxi as usual at Deira City Center, so we went outside the building and we get taxi from there.

It was one of my busiest Thursday ever...but I enjoyed the weekend night with my friends. Sometime I just feel sad with someone who isolated himself from me...but I can't say anything because it was his choice now...deep in my heart..I just pray for his for me...I'm waiting for the big dreams would come true..and it's just a step away to go..

until next post.

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