Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What a stressful day...

I wake up late today..just purposely done so, The DIVA of my house screamed early in the morning but I just ignored him. I wake up around 9.00 am, had my bath and went to Belhoul Hospital, meeting Dr. Nabil.

After had my medical treatment, I took a taxi and reach my office around 10.20 am. Inside the taxi, I got called from Munyra, pushing me to give her the floor plans and area calculation on my project. i switch on my pc and rushing like hell to prepared the items that she wants and completed it around 11.40.am.

I had my rest for 5 minutes and then I received emails from Lay Teng, Design review with my Principle, Mr Teo in 15 minutes....what....I'm rushing to prepared the slide but the time was not allow me to do so. I ran to my design director office and talk to him that I don't have time to prepare slide then he said it's ok just to show the compiled drawings.

During the Design review with Mr Teo Ah Khing, I became the first presenter, i just open my mouth for a few words then he's automatically shooting me to death..I was nervous and feel like I want to resign on the dot, but it just my feeling..he he..fortunately my Design Director save me and back up me. I feel demotivated for a few minutes. The second presenter was Hadie, He done quite well and I'm happy for his talent.

The Design review ends around 3.00 pm. After 3 hours in the meeting room. I went down to had my lunch at Hakawati, I ordered seafood spagetti and mamat also had the same menu. While waiting for my food, suddenly I got called from the office and I've to attend another meeting with Engineer. I just leave Mamat alone and asked him to pack my food.

Discussing with structural and mechanical engineer is quite stressful for me. They are so regic and need spoon feed by the architect. I can't control myself for being rude to them, until one extend, I just leave the meeting room when the structural issue was done and the MEP issues was proceed by Yunus. I just feel stress up and can't continue the meeting. I'm hungry and had my spagetti. I had my lunch at 5.30 pm and it was not a good cultural for me.

I've called my friends, said that I want to sleep at his house because I need somebody to talk to and easy for me tomorrow because I'm having my signal test at Sharjah and must be at that place around 7.00 am in the morning. My friend house is a good location and easy for me to get taxi in the morning.

I got called from mamat. He's stress too, he just came in 2 day but he said that he could not being in my department. He's quite cultural shocked when he saw everybody working like hell and exhausted. I tried to give advised to him even though I'm not a good advisor. I just try to calm him down.

until next post...I'm surviving for the infinity....

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