Thursday, July 31, 2008

Painting on the wall...

There's nothing much that I want to say today...It was a tiring day..I start my work on 7.00 am in the morning, I came early because I want to settle down several things. I'm doing the CAD drawings and then had my breakfast at Chelsea Garden restaurant. At, I just continue my work until lunch.

I had lunch with Saidatul at pizza hut and had chit chat with her for almost one hour...then we went upstairs and continue our works. I'm taken a half day off. I just can't control my stress with works and I need to rest...I just came back to my house and sleep...

I just want to share with all readers on my new paintings collection that I bought from Dragon mart...It's quite a reasonable prices...

as you opened the main door of my house..this painting would appear.

this painting is located at the side of Dining table.

this painting located at the back of main television..

and this painting located at the living area..

last but not least, this is the paintings located at the hall way

After a while, I went out and sleep and Ali's house because we are going to go fishing at Gulf sea...near coast of Sharjah....can't wait to face the challenge.

until next post

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