Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday..stay back until Thursday morning..I'm tired

I woke up early again today…around 6.30, feed my kitten and clean up their mess. Opened my laptop and read emails…around 7.45 am I had my bath and prepared to work. I went to my office with Leizl and reach office around 8.20 am. It’s quite early and then I’ve asked Reen to had our breakfast at Chelsea Garden restaurant…

photo of me at Chelsea Garden restaurant

Buffet bar...

interior of the restaurant...

Around 9.05 I get up and start my work…first job is as usual, replying emails to consultants. As I’m changing my layout plan, I’ve to send my latest drawings to Engineers for their further action to change to columns position and also shaft for MEP. After that, I’m continuing coloring the new floor plan for presentation tomorrow. I had a heavy breakfast, so I decided not to go out for lunch and just sleep at my place.

While I was sleeping, suddenly my phone rang and it was a called from my Boss, Hairul Nizar. He asked me to see him and what I got was a new assignment for a new project. A front of house for a spa village. I bring his sketches to my placed..and again..continue sleep for another 20 minutes.
At 2.00 pm, I’m continued done my coloring until 6.00 pm. I’ve got email from my Design Director asked all members of XEDL to stay back and help each other on preparing items for presentation tomorrow. So all of us in the department have to stay back….I sms my brother, and around 7.30 pm, I went to get dinner with Saidatul at Apple bees. We had chatting while waiting our foods. We just ate a little piece of our main dishes. We could not finish our meals and last what we did was asked the waitress to pack the food for us.

We went upstairs again and continue doing our works. At 9.30 pm, I’ve done my part for my project. After that, I’m helping Yunus, Lay Teng and Bakhtiar for their 3 proposal for a new tower project…huh..a non stopping task….again I’m doing the coloring for 3 options and I must complete it before 2.30 am…I’m going to die....other than that, I’m also helping Hadie and Adrinfahd form their project….so basically, my works today just focus on preparing of presentation images.

I got a few greeting from my beloved friends who stay in Kuala Lumpur and Abu Dhabi but I can’t entertain them because my hand was full..sorry guys…catch you later…I’m quite tired with sitting almost 24 hours in front of pc….but the best thing is…after completing my works, tomorrow I would not coming to the office and considered an off day for me after stay back until the next morning…It’s my payback time to sleep.

mamat still doing his colouring..

hadie and Adrinfard...a team mate for Meydan project...we got an IIUM team here..

While writing this blog, I’m still sitting in front of my pc completing my works until I don’t know when…the clock just turn to 4.00 am in the morning and I’m still strong completing my works..

After completing our works..someone which had a kind hearted had bought us a breakfast..porata with chicken curry...

Khalbi, Roslie, Munawir, Razali and Romzie....

Until next post….

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