Monday, July 14, 2008

Proud to be stupid, stubborn and beloved Boss pet

It’s a very early in the morning when I’m happily had my breakfast when someone who obviously ruins my mood for the whole day came with monkey faces and instructed me done his area calculation again….

His urging me like hell and I just remain calm for a few minutes, justify on my own reason for not completing the calculation. At the first stage I’ve done the calculation and specify to him that to achieve certain percentage of efficiency, he is allowed to have certain total of built up area for each plate.

He won’t listen…stupid and stubborn….then when the plans that he draw is oversize, then I’m the one which had been blame. I did mention earlier on the allocation size for each plate and he’s not listening. I’m don’t envy of him for being boss favorite and all the praise and big money are showered to him….He’s deserved for such thing anyway because of his talents and skills. The things that I hate most is when he doesn’t accept his bloody mistakes and put all the blames to the other peoples. He’s an asshole.

I’m too stressing up with him at 10.00am, I switch on my music loud and sing. Suddenly he came and slam the door loudly… he’s start to make me angry and I’m ready to fight this monkey, At 10.30 am, I can’t control my anger and I get it out loud and scream to him…throw all the things what’s on my table..It’s quite dramatic and I just leave him alone….he came back to me and scream back to me…”you email me all the documents…”…they I scream back to him…”fine”….

I went to the other unit for a while to calm down myself…huh..This is my first time scream at him….I’m understand that everybody is pressure, but don’t be over and too much..He give the area calculation to be done by someone else…I thought that I’m free to go..suddenly, the new person that done the work come back to me…huh….the work came back to me……ha ha ha.....he’s useless…

I just did the calculation for the sake of completing it with the appropriate figure. I didn’t go out for lunch. Farah, Reen’s niece came and ate my lunch. I don’t feel like eating. I just continue my work until evening and at 6.05 I went back home..

My car lift, Narayan bring me to Jumeira 1, I bought my kitten foods there. Then I bring the stuff home, feed my kitten and then I went out again to had my dinner. I went to sleep early today, I’m headache and losing my energy.

Until next post..

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