Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tour on Tuesday

I woke up early today and went to the office from my house around 8.00 am, as usual I pick up Kamil at his house and we went to the office together. Today I bring food from home and ate it as brakfast...furthermore, I bring my food stock and eat it when I'm hungry.

I'm starting my work checking all the drawings done by my CAD drafting and comments it with red pen...I snap a few photo just to show things that I put on my table.....and also show the CCTV that monitoring us....scary

CCTV all around the office

beside my monitor

my food stock.....chocolate and biscuit

When the lunch break, I took Harris cupon and eat his lunch on behalf of him because he's not at the office and he gave me so that he don't waste the money that he had paid for the food. As usual, we had to queue and be passion.

TAK staff queue for lunch

my lunch..

Ulul Azmi and Harn In

Loshini and me

Adzurif and me

they smoke after lunch

I just continue done my work until end of the day...while working, I just snap a few photos just to release my stressed. 

Shahrul Nizam....Leading Draughtsman..sitting opposite me

Nazri, Khalbi and Sikendar

Kamil at his workstation

Wan Anura at her workstation

At 7.10 pm, I went back home from the site office with my friends. We drove to Clock tower in Deira and went to had our dinner at Tawasol restaurant. 

at the main entrance

Bro Azhan and me

our dinner...Nasi Talam

Azhan, Ridzwan, Harris and Bro janggut

Harris enjoying his dinner

Bro janggut and me

Ridwan and Harris

After sending everybody home, I went back to my house and sleep after updating my blog. Another day I had passed through with a happy mood...I do hope that It would be forever...thanks to all my friends and people I love...

until next post...

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