Monday, November 24, 2008

Most sleepy monday

I woke up early today and prepared for my house mate cook nasi lemak and I done the packing for myself. After that, I just had my shower, get dressed and went to the office.

Along the way, I’m stopping at Eppco pump station and fill my empty car tank. After 10 minutes, I’m continue my journey to the site office, at Sheikh Zayed road, I just stop for a few minutes and pick up Kamil at his house.

inside my car..kamil snap a photo


The traffic was quite slow and it took about more than 10 minutes to reach the junction. Again we, stop at Emarat pump station and stop to buy our breakfast. After bought some snack and chocolate, we went to the office and start working around 8.55 am.

along the way to site office...some minor accident

fountain at the treatment plant

Nothing much to say on my working task today, as usual I have to check the drawings, done some area calculation and putting the finishes signage at the floor plan. Harris came to my place and left his lunch coupon again for the whole week…considered sold..ha ha…obviously he will spend his lunch at Zabeel site office…very difficult for him to get food and I’m really don’t know what did he eat…

At 12.55 pm, I just went down and start queuing for lunch…today’s menu was chicken rice.

Abu preparing lunch for all of us

my lunch for today...chicken rice

Fadzil Landscape

Hairul Mat Zain and me

Joe in red ex officemate in Veritas

I just realized that after a week I’m living at the site office, my eating desire was getting worst..just imagine that almost every 10 minutes, there’s always thing in my mouth for me to chew…huh scary…I never look at the mirror but I can feel that my cheek was getting bigger..and when I took photo of my body side angle…looks like a small dinosaur want to be.

Nothing special occurs today, I just snap a photo when Kamil and Farid did some fun fight..ha ha

Kamil and Farid

At 5.30 pm, I went down to the canteen and find something to eat..again...I paid AED 3 and grab a sandwich from the vending machine..

foods vending machine

chicken sandwich...for tea break

After 7.00 pm, I just pack my things and went back, I just being tired and really don't know why...may be I did ate a lots until I'm lazy to do everything...I feel hungry but lazy to cook for dinner..lastly I went to the Mc Donald drive through and buy my foods..

my dinner....chicken big mac

Had my bath after dinner, updating my blog and I went to sleep early..too tired and ready for tomorrow battle....

until next post...

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