Sunday, November 2, 2008

Shine sunday...

I woke up early today….had my bath and then went to office….my friend Ali Noor quite kind when he cook fried rice early in the morning…I just bring a little bit as my breakfast to the office….There were several people who stay back since last night for preparing today’s presentation to clients for their project.

my breakfast

Looking at my friend who was very hardworking and tired…I just respect them and happy because at the end of the day…6 month or at least 3 month bonuses would waiting for them….all the best…I just switch on my pc and start doing my work….My officemate in my room just left the office after they completed their work, went home and sleep…

I didn’t went out for lunch because I taken a heavy breakfast..I just sleep for an hour during my break and continue done my work until end of the day….I went to the site office and pick my friends and we went for dinner in KARAMA..

Sharifah Soraya was eager to eat at one of the Japanese food in Karama center...I've never been to the restaurant I just want to try....the food for me was quite ok but the environment itself made me not comfortable enough....and I have my own personal reason to feel so...

at the main entrance

view of the restaurant

another interior view of the restaurant

foods that I ate

Ali Noor Azhar and Sharifah Soraya

Bro azhan and me

After dinner, I just send everybody home..but there's traffic jammed all the way home at Mankhool road...I'm too tired..

traffic at mankhool at 9.40 pm...

I reached home around 10.30 pm, had my bath, update my blog and went to sleep.....I just passed another day in my life and I'm really don't know what's going to happened later..just close my eyes and wish that tomorrow will be a better day for me..

until next post...

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