Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Monkey Mat yeh Award and my pinky tuesday...

I've been awarded by my Sister Mother of two and the name of the award is..Monkey Mat Yeh (I Love Your Blog)...

ha ha ha..thanks for the award sister...and as to continue the tradition..I just want to hand over this award to 7 friends who always read my blog...and I do know, there's many more who read mine...thanks for everything...and for those lucky seven....

Suhaili Othman Lawyer di Miri
Khairul fazli di Selangor
Mem Aluyah Kuih Lapis
Abg Romzi di head Quarters
Imelda Kawanku yang paling comel
Kekasih Hadie yang ditinggal sepi
Nuyu penjual si baju baby....
Just claps your hand and cheer up together...just copy and paste it into your blogs and do read this instruction....ha ha..

1. Put this award into your blog..
2. Link it with the one who gave it to you
3. Give this award to 7 more of your friends
4. Leave a message that you have give them an awards

enjoy this award and cheers...

It was a normal day for me....slowly driving to the office after get out from my house around 8.00 am in the morning. I just singing in the car as usual just to cheer up my day and begin with happy mood.

I pick up Kamil as usual at Sheikh Esa tower around 8.30 am and we continue our journey to site office...and reached the destination at 8.45 am...I just start my monitor and start doing my work...around 9.30 am, suddenly Miss Lim from Human resource came to my place and handed me a letter...and I'm quite nervous to open it's content.

Stated in the letter was my current annual leave....The management have decided to deduct my 10 days salary because my leave that I've been taken had been negative 12. They cut 10 days salary for the month of November and another 2 days they cut my annual leave for the month of November..they had calculate that each month, I was entitle to get 2.5 days annual leave..mean that...with doing this, my annual leave will be zero and no more negative...and I'll get 2.5 days annual leave for December...if I'm not taking mc or emergency leave anymore.

Really can't describe this situation as bad or good news...i do think that I got both....quite headache when thinking that I've to pay lots of thing for end of the months...do hope that I'm surviving and maintain calm...seriously I had lots of pressure and stress...and I'm still continue living in this world.

I just doing my work until lunch time...and queuing for foods...

my friends having their lunch

lunch for today...curry beef

Wan Azmi, me and Adzurif

Azrul and Sharifah Soraya

Bro Azhan and Harris

After lunch, i just make a few phone calls and stay beside of my car...being alone and thinking a solution for my problems....quite critical and if I was not had a passion...would done several bad decision which cause uncertain circumtances....

I just continue my works until 6.00 pm, after pray...I went to the canteen and bought some dinner...fried noodles that cost me AED 5...the taste was not so bad..but I can't finished it...lastly I just throw it into the rubbish...sorry for the waste..

my early dinner

I went back home around 8.10 pm and reached my house after 40 minutes...quite tired, update my blog and I went to sleep early....I just being alone and listen to a song by Francisca peter..Aku Hanya Pendatang...

Aku bagai seorang pendatang
Ke sempadan yang mengasingkan
Sedang dulu di sini aku bermesra denganmu
Kedatangan tiada sambutan
Dan senyuman tiada balasan
Langkah kaki sampai di sini terhenti
Ku mencari
Kembali pohon hijau nan rendang
Di situlah kita berteduh
Dan sungainya
Bertali arus air mengalir
Bagai takkan berakhir
Dijadikan perlambangan
Tanda setianya percintaan
Dua insan
Perjalanan di tanah gersang
Tanpa sungai dan pohon rendang
Kau dan aku demikian diibaratkan

I just close my eyes and pray that tomorrow will be a better day for me...

until next post.

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Kakak Tiri said...

Firstly, thanks for the award, Mie.

Secondly, remember what I said? God knows you're capable. You're wise and intelligent.

Bunyik macam banyak sangat tu. Cuba list down, then you'll see apa sebenarnya yang banyak sangat tu... sebenarnya tak la serabut mana, I presume. Then, it'll appear clearer to you, which one needs extra attention for solutions.

You can do it Mie. Insya Allah. Doa!! He's listening.