Saturday, November 22, 2008

Car service and Half day on Saturday

It was saturday and I woke up early today...I have to service my car because it was over 5700 km already and I must do the 2nd serviced.

After sending my friend to the site office, at 7.35 am, I went to Hyundai service at Ras Al Khor area...I reached there after driving 15 minutes from my site office. I was queuing for the registration because I didn't make the booking...but at last..they just do my car service....

one of the signages at the area

my car queue to be wash..

After waiting for 2 hours, around 10 am, I got my car...have to pay AED 300 for the second serviced...huh...actually, I was sleeping at the waiting area while waiting for my least...for an hour...ha ha ha...

I drove back to my house in Satwa and clean up my cat cage and feed them....around 12.30 pm, I drove to my site office. I stop at Emarat petrol station along the way to buy some food for lunch...and I went to the restaurant next to the pump station...Green Apple...

one of restaurant for TAK staff to get their lunch

the menu

at the counter of the restaurant

and I just bought chicken burger

After get my food, I'm straightly went to the site office, punch in and went to the canteen and joined my other friends who already there and having their lunch..I forgot that Bro Janggut had cook lunch for me....then I just eat the Nasi lemak and leave the burger for tea time...

Nik Azmi and Hairullah

my lunch...nasi lemak cook by Bro Janggut

After had my lunch, I went up and start doing my work..nothing to tell for todays usual and nothing friend Razali from Head quaters came and discuss his project with Kamil...and I snap their photo..

Kamil and Razali

At 7.00 pm, I'm packing my things and went back in my level...there's a CAD draftsmen had been sacked....don't know what's the reason and I heard that there's more to go....

The new MEMO had went out and said that all the leave application had been frizzed until further notice..mean that everyone was not allow to take leave..and for leave which had been approved...the management just take back the approval...for unknown reasons...people said that It might because of the Meydan Grandstand project which rushing for the dateline...if we couldn't reach it...may be all of us would flying back to Malaysia...huh..what ever..

I driving back and went to Singapore Deli with my friend to get our dinner..He ordered Sup Bontot and I had Nasi Paprik....taste like having dinner in Malaysia...

Sup Bontot

Seafood paprik with plain rice

After dinner, I just went back home...updating my blog, had my bath and went to sleep..another challenging day to face for tomorrow. Hope that I'm doing fine.

Until next post.

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