Sunday, November 23, 2008

Shine sunday

Another day have come and I'm still alive....some part of me were thankful to god for still giving chance for me to live...and some other part was crying to death praying that I woke up as a different person and live in an happy life...

I woke up around 7.30 am in the morning, had my bath and went to pick up Kamil as usual at Sheikh zayed road. We stop at Emarat pump station and bought our food stocks...we reached the site office 10 minutes later...

After switch on my pc, I went to the pantry and had my breakfast with all my, Munzir cook for me fried mee's nice but a little bit spicy..anyway..thanks for preparing food to me....really appreciate it.

my breakfast

Munzir and me

After breakfast, I just start doing my work until lunch....I just bought bread and plan to sleep during my lunch break...suddenly again, Harris asked me to use his coupon and take lunch at the canteen...honestly, quite shy when always replacing him for foods...and he's maintain skinny...pity on him..he he

my briyani

Loshini and Bro Roslan Muslim

My Elder brother and me..Ahmad Nazri..chief of my house

It was a heavy lunch and I'm so full..fortunately I was not sleepy and just continue done my work until end of the day...Umi Kalthom, my friend from Head quaters..(one of the Elit staff) came and discussing about her project..anyway she just doing very well....bravo dear...

Umi Kalthom and bro Yosri

I just had my bread that I bought from th pump station and ate it during tea time...after 7.00 pm, I just pack my bag and went back home...

Chicken mayonnaise bread..AED 4

I just feel quite tired working at the site office...losing my appetite and went to sleep early...some of you at HQ might be happy looking me living like this..but it wasn't stop my spirit for keep surviving...another day had been passed..with hours of life with sorrow...

until next post

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mother of two said...

aduiii... mmg mesra alam sungguh breakfast dia... suma vitamin n karbohidrat ader...:)