Wednesday, November 19, 2008

40th days mother passed away

It was Wednesday and I woke up around 6.30 am…had my bath and get dressed. I’m slowly drove to site office and pick up Mahfudz, Farah liana and Kamil along the way.

It was a normal day today and nothing special. Today, my mood was not so good. I have something that really bothering my mind until I can’t control my emotion....but according to my close friend, I'm always can't ever control my emotions...and I think that I do.

I just do my work until lunch time.....and as usual Harris give me his lunch cupon because he didn't eat the lunch...working at Zabeel Genetic Lab as 12.55 pm, I went to the canteen and queue for foods....

my lunch...

Bro Amin and me

Asrul and Adzurif

After lunch, I went upstairs to my workplace and reading blogs and newspaper...nothing to tell on my work...I just doing the specification on my project until the time to go back.

While waiting for my friend who want to went back home with me, I was touching with a paragraph written by my friend Imelda Maya...its about Things that we can't have in life....

" To accept the fact that you cant have everything you want is something very subjective. Sometime it is very difficult for myself to believe I cant have it .. but on the other hand, I can forget it within seconds. I believe in faith. As I believe in Qada & Qadar too... and I accepted the fact.. Sometimes, doesnt matter how bad you want it.. there's always something that you cant have... and at this very moment I'm learning to accept the fact "...

I'm just thinking that what did she said had give something to be thinking by me..because obviously now in my life..I'm really can't face the truth and reality...feelings had control my mind...and at the end...emotion had control my life and I'm being an over emotional person..

I went back with Razali from headquarters which got meeting at the site office...and on the way, we stop at zabeel to fetch Harris at his Genetic Lab....then we continue our journey to Singapore Deli to get our dinner with other friends which alraedy there waiting for us..

I just ordered fried kuey tiaw and ice teh tarik....

my dinner

Bakhtiar, Azzah and her husband Jamel

Iskandar, Harris and Razali

from right, Iskandar, Gob, Jamel, Azzah, Bakhtiar, Umi, me, Soffian and Razali

Kamil and Munyra

After dinner, I sent my friend home and then went back to my house....Yesterday was the 40th days my beloved mother leaving me....its quite sad when I think about her..just pray and recite some surah as to pay my respect....

I was listening to a song by Alleycats and obviously it make me should heard this song...

Oh Ibu: Alleycats

Terhenti dari bicara

Kaku membisu

Sepi seketika

Terbayang wajah tuanya

Membisik rindu

Memanggil padaku

Berita seburuk ini

Adalah kenyataan yang menyedihkan

Inginku kembali ke pangkuanmu

Bermesra dan bermanja

Tetapi apa dayaku

Kerana hidup dan mati

Adalah kudrat Ilahi

Ada yang terkunci di hati

Seperkara lagi

Tak dapat ku penuhi

Oh ibu maafkanlah diriku

Belum sempat tunaikan

Janjiku padamu

Tetapi apa dayaku

Kerana hidup dan mati

Adalah kudrat Ilahi

Kau pergi meninggalkan diriku

After updating my blog, had my bath and went to sleep...I just pray for my beloved mother and hope that she rest in peace....I love you...

until next post

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mohd zairul bin mohd noor said...

Al-fatihah, May her soul rest in peace- Amin