Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dubai Mall and Tony Romas

It was Wednesday and I woke up around 7.00 am…had my bath and get dressed to the office…Yesterday I got sick for the whole day and I just rest in my house…I just slept on my bad and didn’t do anything until evening…

At night, I went to the office and pick up my friend and we went out for dinner at Singapore Deli. We reached there at 8.00 pm, and I just ordered fried kuew Tiaw and my friend ordered Paprik rice. We also ordered Ice tea and the overall cost was AED 71…huh

Today in the morning, I just called a few friend, had curry maggi as my breakfast and start doing my work until lunch time…I didn’t went out for lunch and then I just continue my work until the end of the day…after work, I sent Bro Yani, Razali, Azizi and Firdaus to the Bike shop at Sheikh Zayed Road and then I went to the site office to pick up my friends.

After pick up my friend, we had made a promise to the other friend to go to the new mall in Dubai which was just opened yesterday…..Dubai Mall attached with the highest tower in the world, Burj Dubai…It was about 30% completion where not all the outlet was open yet but as for my observation the Dubai Aquarium was one of the attraction at the mall.

I’ve been told that Malaysian consultant was the interior designer for the mall…as for my comment, It wasn’t impressed me yet, maybe it’s because lot of retail that’s not opened yet but generally I just rate this mall as 4 out of 10.
In front of the main entrance of Dubai Mall

Ali, Azhan and me

Harris, Azhan and me

Ali, me and Azhan

Ali, Harris and Azhan

Ice skating inside the mall

Catwalk stage at the Dubai Mall
After walking around the mall and when to the Dubai Aquarium which look like similar with Aquaria in KLCC, we went out to had our dinner at Tony Romas in Sheikh Zayed Road, near my office….Ali was doing his favor and treat 3 of us…Thanks Ali for the dinner, we appreciate it so much….

seafood starter

Chicken salads

Ali Noor Azhar and Harris Zamzairie

Bro Azhan and me

this was our food

Ali Noor, Harris, me and Azhan

After dinner, I just sent everybody home and went to sleep…I’m still thinking on the option that required me to choose the direction of my life, unfortunately I’m still confuse…I have to give the answer in 3 more days…..

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