Thursday, November 13, 2008

Photo session on Thursday

I woke up early today, after feed my kittens and had my bath..get dressed and went to the office with Rohaizerin..I reached the office around 8.40 am and went to my work place…again, I’ve ordered 2 piece of porata and chicken curry as my breakfast.

After I had my breakfast, I start doing my work for the resort project assisting Yunus with producing another option. While working, I received sms from Marinna from Abu Dhabi telling me that she would coming to Dubai tomorrow and do her window shopping…I didn’t give my answer to her yet but I would plan to go anywhere after Friday prayer.

In collaboration for celebrating 15th years anniversary for Teo Ah Khing Design Consultant, the management of TAK was giving a free Ferrari T Shirt for each staff…I’ve choose red colour and today, I’m wearing the outfit...the price of the T shirt is AED 450 per piece..just imagine TAK staff were around 450 people...hmm how much do they spend for the shirt...ha ha ha

me with Ferrari T shirt 

I’m continuing doing my work until lunch time. Rohaizerin asked me to had our lunch at Mc Donalds and we went to the fast food restaurant that located at Al Wasl road which 5 minutes driving from my office. Sharifah Rogayah and Mazlina joined us for lunch…fortunately, there are only a few people at the restaurant and we get our food earlier than we thought. We just snap our photos at Mc Donald’s.

my lunch

Rin and Sharifah

Maz, Sharifah and me

another twins for my car

After done our lunch, we drove back to the office and continue done our work. At 2.30 pm, there’s a photo session for 15th Anniversary of TAK and all members from my department went down and having the photo session with Yoke Seam. I take some photos of some XEDL family members.

Saidatul, Aishah, Hazrel, Hadi, Adrinfahd, me and Ninien

the lovely Saidatul Haziah

Mamat and Fuadah

Fuadah, Ninien, Saidatul and Aishah

Ezlin and Sharifah Rogayah

Umi and me

Mamat, Hadi, Aishah, Lay Teng, Ninien, Hazrel, Jimmy, Yunus and Fuadah

After 10 minutes, we went back upstairs and straightly went to 801 to have a weekly meeting with our Design Director, Hairul Nizar. The purpose of the meeting was updating the progress for each project. Bro Yani was been promoted to be the CAD coordinator for XEDL working with Cheah.

Bro Yani

Some designer will be located at the site office assisting Emerzza and his team…They didn’t mention the names yet but I just assume that I might be one of the people….but, I just wait and see..

After an hour, the meeting adjourned and I went back to my workplace continue my work. Hadie will flying back to Malaysia tonight because his sister would be married in Terengganu and he will spend 11 days in Malaysia…Sayonara for Hadie.

Hadie will flying back to Malaysia tonight

After work, I went to site office to pick up my friend and we went back home...nothing to do tonight, I just learn and recite al quran from my friend and had our dinner at home...after updating my blog, I went to sleep.

until next post

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