Monday, November 17, 2008

Most energetic Monday

It was my second day at the site office and I woke up around 6.45 am. After had my bath and get dressed, I went to the office and start my journey around 8.00 am.

I use to withdraw some cash from atm at the bank street. Unfortunately, all the machine were out of service and I can’t get any cash….I just continue my way to fetch up Kamil at his house and reached our site office around 8.40 am.

Nazri, Fauzi and Nizam...pose as early as 8.55 am

my breakfast

I get my breakfast from my morning chef of the day, Munzir and had it in front of my PC. Just had plain water and fried Meehoon as my breakfast. After done everything, I start my day by replying and sending emails to all my friends, consultants and colleague.

my left neighbour...David the IT guy

my right neighbour...Yosri..a Project Architect

From 10.00 am until 12.20 pm, I joined the meeting with curtain wall consultant and discussed on the clarification and answer for all their related questions according to blocks in the development. After finished the meeting, I went back to my place and do my work until 1.00 pm.

Khalbi and my housemate Hairul..

Zamzuri asked me to bring him to Al Rashidiya to look after his car which was being repaired by one of the workshop there. It took about 13 minutes to reached the destination from the site office. When we reached there, we straightly went to see on the condition of the engine and as usual..I snap some photos.

Zamzuri just bought his BMW second hand car for the last 2 week and suddenly now, he got the problem with its engine. Don’t know what happened but the engine box just blow up and can’t be repaired. If he want, he have to spend at least AED 25k for the overall cost. The mechanic advised just to change the car engine that may cost half of the price…but at the end, Zamzuri have to decided.

a workshop in Al Rashidiya

Zamzuri white BMW

His broken engine

me at the car workshop

After negotiating for almost 30 minutes, we then to the nearest ENOC on our back to site office and bought sandwich for my lunch. Zamzuri did pay for my lunch and he just ate foods that his wife cook early in the morning.

I had my lunch at my own table while doing my work..I just had sandwich with eggs and mayonnaise....after finished my lunch, I just doing my work until 6.00 pm....there's a new at the site of Meydan Grandstand where a man had died when a curtain wall felt down on sorry to heard about the news..hopefully they will be more first..

My boss Emerzza in black shirt

my tea break...tuna sandwich

Mahfudz and Azrul

At 6.00 pm, everybody went to had tea break at the pantry. I went there with wan Anura and had some chit chat with her.

Wan Anura and me

Ustaz Faisal, Sutan, brother...(forget his name) and Amin

After spent for half an hour, I went back to continue my work and went back home around 8.00 pm. Kamil and Harris followed me to Singapore Deli to had our dinner and meet Munyra and Reen there. I just had seafood paprik and Ice teh tarik...

my dinner

Kak Laili from the left, Kak Balqis and Bro Roslan Ismail (CAD)

After a while, suddenly, Kak Laili ( project architect), Kak Sharifah Balqis ( Interior Project Leader) and Roslan joined us at the restaurant.

After dinner, I just went back home, had my bath and updating my blog...i do think that working in the site office had a little bit cheer up my life because all my best friend are here around me...but I'm also missed my friends in HQ also... I do hope its going to be more exciting soon.

until next post..

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amboi..kat workshop pun sempat lagi posing.... apa2 pun tetap kontol encem..:)