Friday, November 14, 2008

Off day and meeting friends

It was friday and my off day for the friend went out to take his first driving lisence class but he only manage to take 2 class only because on friday, the class was full and everybody want to take driving class on friday.....

I'm continuing sleeping until 11.00 am and woke up for friday prayer...I've promised with my friend who came from Abu Dhabi to had lunch with her. After friday prayer, I went to Dubai Festival City and meeting her there with Harris.

Marina and me

our foods

Marina, me and our foods

While having our lunch, Marina had secretly told to the waiter to sing a birthday songs to me...sudenly, lots of people came and sing me a birthday song...Thank you so much...

Marina, my landscape friend from Abu Dhabi

all the waiter and waitress was singing happy birthday to me

Harris and me

After had our lunch at Dubai Festival city, we then pick up Bro Janggut at Oriental house and bring them playing football at Al Rashidya. We went there with 1 bus and 2 cars including mine...we lost our way to the place and we reach the location after 30 minutes on the road.

It was a friendly match between TAK staff and LCL interior. They paid the football field rent around AED 1000 for 2 hours and our Bro Yani as usual acting as the manager for TAK team and collecting all the money.

Bro Yani as team manager....

Farid was doing his warming up

Adzurif, another photographer..previously working with me in Veritas

Muzaffar, our referee of the day

TAK player

LCL player

Both of TAK and LCL footballer

Bro Janggut in action

Fadzil as referee and Khalbi snapping photos

Harris kicking the ball

sunset view from the field

I'm just pose with all the Malaysian UAE footballer

After watching the first half of the game, I went back home to send Marina to meet her friend at Al Qusais..I was lost finding the way for almost 2 hours and lastly, we went to meet her friend at Terminal 2.....Marina went back to Abu Dhabi with her friend...and I went back home. I heard from Yani, the score was draw..3-3..

Around 8.00 pm, I got a called from Umi to joined all the XEDL staff play paintball near Wafi city but I was so tired and quite chicken out with the paintball because last year I got a shot at my neck and its quite hurt...never say...never play sorry guys..

After had my bath and pray, I cook curry maggi as my dinner and watch Golden eye, James Bond movie before was quite entertaining weekend after all and I thanks all my friends who cheer up my day.

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Kakak Tiri said...
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Kakak Tiri said...

A tiring day... yet a fun one :)