Monday, November 3, 2008

Birthday Mamat on monday

It was 3rd of November and it was a birthday of my friend, Ahmad Shahril bin Abdul Shukor…I wake up early in the morning, had my bath, feed my kittens and when to the office with Reen…I pick up Bro Romzi in front of Miracle apartment and three of us went to the office together.

I went to Starbuck with Reen and had our breakfast there…I bought a cup as a birthday present for Mamat and wrap it. I had chicken and mushroom pie and chocolate frapucino ….at the office, I went to Mamat desk, leave the present and wrote something on his monitor….and went back to my place had my food.

As usual I’m doing my work until lunch time and during lunch, I went out to drive through Mc Donald in al Wasl road with Reen and Sairie….After that, we had our lunch in my car, talking and went up to the office to continue our works…..

At the end of the day, we had planned to splash water to mamat but he was get ready and refuse to come to our place for the whole day….At last, we went to his unit, try to catch him and splash the water…At first, I manage to grab him and Jamel splash the water but it wasn’t enough and he manage to get away…we try to run and catch him again….this time Reen manage to splash water to him the whole body…..and he got wet

I didn’t bring camera with me because I afraid that I’m also being splash I’m sorry because not uploading any photos…..Mamat ran away and straightly went back to his house….I called him but he never pick up….I went to the site office, pick up my friend and went to Singapore Deli to had our dinner..

I’ve ordered Nasi Lemak and 2 of my friend ordered fried Kuay Tiaw and we ordered ice tea as our drinks that give the total of AED 120 tu us….huh….After sending all my friends, I went back home, had my bath and serving the internet…chatting with a few friends and went to sleep.

I was not quite well and my head was suddenly dizzy….there was something that bothering me and my mind and I do need to clarify it and find the way out…only time, faith and a good support was giving me the strength…..

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