Saturday, November 15, 2008

My last day at Head quarters and been tagged again by Imelda Maya

It was saturday and I've to work half, again I have to wear the ferrari shirt because our TAK photographer want to take photo for all HQ staff and we were instructed to wear it..fortunately I manage to sent my shirt to laundry and get it at the same day.

I went to drive through Mc Donald's and had my lunch inside my car. I reach my office around 1.55 pm and went to my workplace.

me at HQ main lobby

It was the first day when the whether was not hot and the sky turns to cloudy white...sand storms were heavily strike for almost 1 hours and we enjoying the wind blow.

Hisham, me, Fazley, Romzi, and others at the office balcony

Najdi, Romzi, me, Azizi and Firdaus

The photo session started with the administration staff and I just snap their photo from the 8th floor.

photo session for admin staff

When the admin staff done their photo session, the Yoke Seam called XEDL staff to do the next photo shot. Unfortunately, the sand storm strikes again and we can't do the photo shot outside the building... lastly we just have it at the main lobby.

Adrinfard, his girlfriend Ninien and Hazrel the birthday boy

the excellency Fuadah Nazri


Munyra Asyikin and Sharifah Rogayah

Munyra, me and Sharifah Rogayah

Romzi, Roslie, me, Ahmad Munawir and mamat

Mamat, Romzi and Sairie

Sook Teng, Miau, Victor and Benjamin

All of XEDL HQ staff

After the photo shot, I just continue my work until end of the day...Suddenly I got an email from my Design Director saying that effective immediately, I will transfer to Site office starting tomorrow without further objection...and automaticaly, today is my last day at Head Quarters and start my new life at the site office...

I'm thinking and question if there any increment of salary when they transfered me to the site.....but it was just in my dream...anyway sayonara to all my friends in HQ....and I do think Yunus was happy with this changes. To Yunus, thank you and sorry for everything.

I packed all my belongings and went to the site office pick up my friends. Thanks to mamat and Peter for helping me carry all my stuff to my car. After that, we heading to Singapore Deli and had our dinner there.

Singapore Deli restaurant

Harris, me and Azhan reach the restaurant at 8.00 pm and we ordered our dinner. I had chicken paprik with plain rice and they had sup buntut...the total cost for 3 of us was AED 109.. 

Sup buntut and plain rice..cost AED 25

my Paprik ayam with plain rice...cost me AED 25

Bro Azhan and me

While we had our dinner, suddenly lots of TAK staff came to the restaurant to get their dinner...and I snap some of their photos...

Edna and her husband

Umi Kalthom and me

After finished my dinner, I went back home, updating my blog and sleep early...I'm ready to face my new life at the site office.

Lastly...I  was tagged by Imelda Maya again…

its about " what are some of your 'perfect' blends?
sounded interesting but quite tough..

so.. here some of my favorite :

1. Beach + sunset at Burj Al Arab = perfect quick escape for me

2. movie + great company = perfect way to unstressed my self

3. milk + scramble eggs + bread = perfect breakfast of the day

4. cold + sleepy = perfect to be lazy

5. Black CK watch + LV bag = perfect scent to make me happy to work

6. Sale + shopping = perfect vacation for me

7. Kelantan + Cameron highlands = perfect place to rest

8. salads + water = perfect simple lunch

9. hugs + kiss = perfectly match to calm me down

10. black + red = perfect color contrast

11. Mango and grape = perfect combination to make my fruit desert?

12. Baskin robin + banana = perfect Ice cream

13. jeans + shirt = perfect casual wear

14. Best friend + good foods = perfect way to cheer up my day

15. Dangdut + Rock music = perfect way to make me feel energetic

16. Quite + someone stay beside and calm me down = perfect way to control anger

17. camera + me = perfect photo shoot time

18. smile + hi = perfect start to know each other

19. being hurt + cry = perfect life lesson

20. me + him = perfectly for each other ( him.. yes, please fill in the blank)

so yes.. the listed above is my kinda 'perfect' blends... and I'm gonna tag few friends and find out their 'perfect' blends.... :)

Hadi Dubai
Mem Aluya Kuih Lapis
Kak Sheila QS di Dubai
Aishah Dalila awek Hadi
Herry Hidayat
Suhaili Miri

until next post...

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Aiyooo...kamek cuti molah tag lah. Sik hal owh?!

BTW, itu sup buntut nyaman ka sik? Kamek sik pernah cerik.