Sunday, November 16, 2008

My first day at TAK 3 site office

It was a new day for me with the new environment. Honestly, I can’t sleep well last night. I woke up around 6.20 am, had my bath and get dressed. I drove my car and start my journey to my new workstation at the site office.

I used to take Sheikh Zayed road and pick up Kamil at his house at Sheikh Essa Tower…while waiting for him, I get myself breakfast at Starbuck’s. I bought sugar doughnut and had chicken pasta for my starter with a cup of white chocolate frapucino. Kamil came after 10 minutes and we continue our first day at the site office.

my sinful breakfast

We reached TAK 3 site office around 8.55 am and register ourself at the attendance counter. I took a snap of photo with Farah Liana and she was outstanding with her black dress. I went upstair to my new workplace and get a new tag from Ms Lim….after that, I bring all my related stuff from my car and bring it to my new table. My pc was not arrived yet from the Headquarter so I just clean up my new place.

Farah Liana, reception girl for TAK 3

Farah liana and me

Meydan Grandstand in the making

I’m involved in my first staff meeting and I’m handling a different task…more on real project and get to know all the materials for constructions. It was a new things for me and I hope that I can learn more. After had the meeting for 1.and half hour, I went back to my workplace and then I saw that my pc was just arrived and had been setting up by the technician.

I can’t start my work on the spot because there’s many thing that were not set up for me yet. Lastly I just spend my time by snapping photos and get to know everybody that I know most of them basically. At lunch time, I don’t know where to eat, suddenly, Harris called me to take lunch at the pantry and had lunch with all my new friends and brother.

Abu... the chef for TAK 3

TAK 3 canteen

my first lunch at TAK 3...Nasi lemak

Harris and me

Todays menu was Nasi lemak and people said that it is the best menu of the week....seems like everybody was enjoyed with the foods. After had my lunch, I went to pray Zohor prayer in a small praying room at my new office. And again, I snap a few photos there.

me inside the Surau

Ustaz Faisal giving Tazkirah after Zohor prayer during our break

After praying, I went back to my work space and slowly starting doing my work. I was assign to do work on master index for construction drawings and handling all the specification materials for the building that i'm working on. I'm also responsible to work out on the built up area and calculation for tender and construction purposes.

me at my new workspace

Hisham and his wife Nisha

At the other hand, not only me, Hisham my junior from UIA also been transfer to the site office, but he's happy because his wife, a landscape architect worked at the same area...

At 7.00 pm, I went back home with my friends and we heading to Singapore Deli to had our dinner. I just ordered seafood paprik with plain rice and my friends ordered fried kuey tiaw.

dinner at Singapore Deli

After sending all my friends, I went to  DIVA to do my manicure and pedicure..after an hour there, I went back home and had my bath.

he's doing my manicure

and another done my pedicure

After done the treatment, I reached my home around 11,20 pm, had my bath and updating my was a new environment for me and I do hope that tomorrow will be bright and more promising.

until next post...


Kakak Tiri said...

I didn't know that Mr TAK has these many staff. Huh.

rhymee suhaili said...

Hope the new site office wud do fine to u. Nmpknyer tak lama lagi ada lah koleksi baru LV huhuhuhu