Monday, November 10, 2008

My 150th post

It was my 150th post and today was 10th of November...I start my day around 5.45 am, perform my Subuh prayer after quite long I just perform it late…then I just continue sleeping until 6.20 am..I had my bath and get dressed..I went out with Rohaizerin…my housemate..

I have to sent Reen to the Emirates Tower hotel because he got a seminar there…we reached there quite early…I bring my camera and we had some photo shot early in the morning with Emirate Tower and Dubai Islamic Financial center as the background…..After done our photo session, I just continue my journey to the office…

infront of Dubai Islamic Financial Center

@Emirates tower

Rohaizerin and me

I reached my office around 8.05 am, park my car and went to falcon restaurant. I bought 2 piece of Porata and chicken curry…the porata just cost me AED 3 but the curry cost me AED 8…huh…then I just went up to my office and had my breakfast..suddenly I got called from Fadzil, his wife Siti Fairus give me some cekodok for breakfast, one of my favorites…I just take it and share it with my draughtsman’s…

I switch on my computer and start doing my work…the time passed quite fast and I just realized that It was lunch time already…I didn’t went out for lunch because I had took heavy breakfast, then I just sleep for an hour during my break.

After break, I just went around and snap some photo around my XEDL department room 805, everybody was concentrating doing their work…I went to Ashfak Sofian place and look at his project and design…then he shared some his songs to me…I was listening to a song which rarely played in my mp3…today, I was spending my ear with a song by Alleycats…Seribu Bintang.

environment at the bigger room in 805

@ the last room of 805

my junior...Hisham Saihari...just joined us last month

Alleycats....David and Logan with their afro hair

Seribu Bintang

Artist: Alleycats

Ingin kupergi jauh darimu

Agar kukenal erti rindu ini

Ingin aku menyelami jiwamu

Agar kukenal dirimu kasih

Ingin aku membenci dirimu

Tapi kebencian tiada padaku

Walau apa yang kau sangkakan

Aku tetap cinta padamu

Telah lama kuhidup melara

Telah kugagal dalam bercinta

Kini kau datang dengan seribu bintang

Bintang yang dulu sembunyi

Bintang yang tiada bererti

Kalau kau sudi menyentuhi hatiku

Aku kan selalu dekat padaku

Tapi jangan kau hanya cuba

Untuk mempermainkan cintaku

Jangan permainkan cintaku

Hadie was dreaming of something

While doing my work, I just replying email from my friends and consultant…and eating my last piece of Sarawak Layer cake that I bought from Imelda…I just keep on doing my design until end of the day…

ou new front desk secretary in 805, Sharon

last pieces of sarawak layer cake

After office, I went back home and cook for dinner, I just being an assistant for today's chef of the house, Bro Janggut, we just cook fried rice with fried chicken..after dinner, I just updating my blog and went to bed...

Bro Janggut preparing for our dinner

our dinner for the night...

I feel guilty when I'm holding my friend key and didn't reached house earlier then him...He have to go to our friend house while waiting for me...I'm sorry because I didn't mean to do so...really hope that you'll not put on your heart..

until next post..


wannie said...

amboi... jeles seh. sume pkai beg LV ni..
yg u pakai 2, bli kat London hari 2ek?

aa.. t'nampak pinggan hijau yg amat ku kenali sekali..

Kakak Tiri said...

Hohoho... beg baru!!

rhymee suhaili said...

Cantik beg LV baru itu!! Huhuhuhu...London mari huh..!