Saturday, May 31, 2008

Its me and only me....

While writing this blog, i'm still at the office. It is 3.30 am in the morning, and i'm stayback to help Jun and yunus working on Bab Al Shams project. This is my first time writing something and publish it to all readers. Maybe this could be one of ways to fulfill my empty soul....lonely and desperate in love in Dubai.

Let me introduce myself....I'm Mohamad Fahimi bin shariff, was born in Kuala Berang, Terengganu, grown up in Klang, Selangor and now living in Machang , Kelantan....schooling in La salle klang in my primary school and Sek. Men Hamzah, Machang in my secondary..continue my studies in architecture in International islamic university...and now..i'm standing here in dubai after a few years working in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur... as a Design architect with malaysian company...Teo Ah Khing Design Group...

It's almost 10 months i'm working with this company, honestly, it was not really worth in money compare with the energy that i've allocate but nevetheless it's better than working in TAK, the firm contains most of 90% Malaysian professional workers including Engineers, Architect like me, Quantity surveyor, Interior designers and Landscape architects. I'm in the design department (Extreme Experimental Design laboratory) short form XEDL..

It is the beginning of summer here and the temperature is about 42 degree. Extreamly hot for me who never experiences it before compare to the time i reached here last August, its not very hot.

Quite bored when waiting for other people to complete their task and we have to continue the process. Well, it have to be like that when we do work in a team. for the time being i just completed my design job on Meydan City Pier Housing, which have been approved by the Client and i just have to monitored my draughtman to complete the working drawing.

I just meet my Bos few hours ago, asking on my leave because my flight ticket will be expired on August, but as my prediction, i will not going back this august because of the workloads and not enough manpower. But he promise to allow me go back for hari raya....for me..its quite paid off.

Hmm....i have to stop for now...its time for me to continue my works..until next posts....i hope you guys would wait for know more about me...i'm nobody... who have a dreams...

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